Kross - The New York Files

Carpe Nictem
Step now unto the darkness

Young Timothy Simmons was a normal geeky student with an incredible gift. He was an expert on black holes and was involved in a student exchange program in new york. This brought him under the tutorlage of our first character Miss Slade.

A gifted astro-phycisist with little knowledge of what she was capable off, Miss slade became aware of some problems with Timothy. At the same time Gino, a pizza delivery boy interrupted a session between Timothy and a local gang calling themselves the blood suckers.

After a freakish incident involving a vision brought about by Miss slade touching Timothy’s essay she saught the advice of prominant psychiatrist and occultist/mage Miss Holmes. Miss holmes instantly recognised what Miss Slade was and agreed to help where ever she could.

Meanwhile the strange benevolant Mr Phibes pays a visit to a certain sword maker and asks for a special blade to be made. Leaving behind the card “Carpe Nictem”.

The teacher and psychiatrist take their investigations to Timothy’s neighbourhood and using their gifts enter the apartment of timothy where they find a strange chest, locked and with what seems a heart beat resounding from within.

It is clear that for some reason Timothy has been researching the lock and trying to open the seal. It is at this point they encounter Gino who tells them about the strange going on’s. Again the experienced Miss Holmes recognises what Gino is and together the three of them hunt down the blood sucker gang and find out the strange origin of their goals…. the evil mr Phibes.

They trace MR Phibes to the sword shop where they meet the sword maker and after some discussion they decide to join forces and enlist within the arcanum to use their resources.

Mr phibes is no fool however and having discovered what had happened to his gang, he makes for the sword makers shop and we see a terrible show down of magic and martial arts, that leaves our new hero’s slightly injured and the sword maker with a strange darkness attached to his soul.

In the aftermath Timothy simmons dissapears and the hero’s are left to contemplate that they most certainly are not in kansas anymore….

Who are Carpe Nictem?
Why was Timothy working on the chest?

All questions unanswered……

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